The word “Qi Gong”, literally translated from Chinese, means “Energy Work”. It is a highly refined system of exercises and meditations that develop our ability to acquire, store, circulate, and purify our Qi (Vital Energy). Through diligent practice of Qi Gong, we learn how to use our mind as a tool to direct the flow of electrical signals and energetic currents that comprise the integrated matrix of our body, mind, and emotions. This can lead to a greater sense of mastery over our mental, physical, and emotional health, as well as greater resistance to everyday stresses and disease.

Medical Qi Gong is the application of Qi Gong for medical purposes. The practitioner assists the patient by redirecting, cleansing, and restoring the patients vital energy based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. During a Medical Qi Gong treatment, the patient generally lies or sits on the treatment table while the practitioner uses various hand movements and mental images to perform the energetic healing procedure. Often the patient can feel certain things happening in the body, both on a physical and emotional level. Sometimes, the patient simply gets a sense of deep relaxation and well-being. The experience of the treatment will be different for each patient. There are no invasive techniques used, and little to no physical touching is required.

Qi Gong and the Three Treasures
Qi Gong theory is based on the principle that all of life is essentially energy in various forms, and that our human bodymind is part of the vast matrix of energy that comprises the Universe. The basic components (or levels) of this energy is called the Three Treasures. The Three Treasures are Shen (Spirit), Qi (Energy), and Jing (Essence). The principles of Qi Gong state that Spirit/Soul (Shen) is the director of all Vital Energy (Qi) in the body. The flow of this Vital Energy is what determines the level of function of our organs, tissues, enzymes, proteins, hormones, and other vital substances (collective known as Jing) in the body. Imbalance in one or more of these three energetic levels can cause problems in the others. Qi Gong uses sitting and moving meditations to allow our Shen (Spirit) cleanse the body of Qi (Energetic) deviations so that pure Qi can be collected and circulated in the body, which can improve health and immunity in our physical bodies and increase our emotional well-being.

A Medical Qi Gong example – In clinical depression the Shen (Spirit) level is affected first, by a recent loss or a past trauma that resurfaces in memory. A person might begin to lose hope or feel an extreme sense of guilt or shame. If this feeling persists, the effects begin to cascade down to the Energy (Qi) level, where functional symptoms such as poor appetite, fatigue, and poor sleep set in. Eventually, if left untreated, the Jing (physical) level will begin to show problems – loss of weight, changes in skin color, muscle weakness, possible hair loss.

Medical Qi Gong treatment – In cases of clinical depression it is important to treat at all levels necessary to resolve the acute depressive episode. I might perform Medical Qi Gong treatments to assist the patient’s body in redirecting and rebalancing the flow of energy, and to assist the patient in releasing the emotional blocks that are keeping them stuck in this depressed energetic state. Herbal remedies can be used along with Acupuncture to assist in the gradual rebalancing of the patient’s energy. Depending on the severity of symptoms, I may refer the patient to a physician for consideration of anti-depressant drugs. The patient would also be prescribed simple Qi Gong exercises as homework to supplement the treatments and to begin training them to use their Shen (Spirit) to balance their own energy. After a time, the patient’s own Shen (Spirit) efforts can be enough to prevent and/or remedy any recurring episodes.

What Medical Qi Gong can treat – Medical Qi Gong is currently used in China in the treatment of all medical conditions. Sometimes the entire treatment consists of Qi Gong, other times Qi Gong is used in conjuction with herbs, Acupuncture, and Western medical approaches.

Some of the conditions treated include:

  • Cancer (all types) Cardiovascular disorders (chest pain, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc…) Chronic and post-operative pain Gastrointestinal disorders (Irritable bowel, acid reflux, constipation) Orthopedic disorders (sprains, strains, sports injuries, broken bones)
  • Emotional disorders (depression, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, and more..)


Medical Qi Gong is based on the Chinese Medical principle that all disease is based in energetic patterns. Therefore, it can be used to assist in treating any disease process by adjusting, balancing, and restoring proper energetic functioning to the body.